Aug 20 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

When I was a kid, every couple of weekends, my mum would bundle 2 of my brothers and me into public transport and take us for a day out- we would go to the science museum, amusement parks, doll museum, craft museum or something else fun/ adventurous/ silly/ educational.

At that time, I enjoyed those trips- we laughed, we talked, we bonded.
Today, I think of those trips VERY fondly- those were good times, especially when I realise how tough it may have been for mum to look after 3 stubborn kids, how difficult it may have been financially at times, how many sacrifices it may have meant… they were good times- no, they were great times.

Times that taught me a lot:
– taught me to connect with my brothers and family
– taught me educational stuff
– taught me about organising
– taught me about facilitating & manipulating
– taught me about just learning to live the moment
– taught me how lucky I am!


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