A Good Relationship…

So the other day Red and I decided it is time we unveiled the truth about our relationship publicly if the occasion arose and this quote sprung to my mind:

best relationships begin unexpectedlyRed and I have known each other for 4 years, we have bumped into each other socially over the years… yet only in the last few months have we become a couple. And so far, it has been the easiest relationship I have had, the most unexpected (given the circumstances) and definitely one of the most fun… which led me to remember this quote:

act silly withNot saying Red is not the perfect boyfriend (I don’t even know what a perfect boyfriend is to be honest) but till he acts silly with me, makes me laugh, keeps teaching me new things, expanding my horizons, keeps treating me like a queen, enjoys spending time with me and being as amazing as he is, I am definitely the luckiest woman alive!

Thank you for the memories so far Red- looking forward to seeing where our rollercoaster journey will take us!


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