Aug 15 Thursday: Letter

Dear Candy,

We met 3 years ago and instantly became friends. Our first dinner date and we knew we were inseparable! You went on to then get engaged, ask me to be your bridesmaid, make a room smell like mangoes, make me real cheese cake, drink wine with me, allure me with cocktails when we wanted a quiet movie night and what not… when we both reached a new chapter in our lives, we moved in together. The rollercoaster of a ride has been amazing- I see you more often than ever even though I can’t recall the last time we had a real heart to heart, the last time we chatted about our dreams, our fears and our plans or any such thing. I miss having the lolz with you but I am really glad we are the friends we are. Here’s to us driving each other insane, having silly conversations in the hallway and always being a part of each other’s lives!



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