Jul 29 Monday: Gratitude

A few hours late as I have been away but here goes:

1. Friends
I am exceptionally blessed with my friends- the last couple of days have reminded me that even more- seeing Tigger twice in 3 days, having some very honest chats with Lady, indoor picnics, partying with tonnes of others has been absolutely amazing and I have enjoyed each moment of it 🙂

2. Photography
I love taking photographs and I love traveling- combine the two and I am VERY happy. Going through my pictures and identifying the good from the bad has been/ is time consuming but SO much fun!

3. Love
And not just the romantic kind. I know I am not in a relationship with Red but to deny the romance is pure silliness. He may not be a poet, he may not buy me flowers but he does his own style and it works for me- I really enjoy it all! However, I am lucky to have ALL the love I have in my life.


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