Jun 25 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

I try to use this time to find a moment that’s far back in memory and refresh it but today I am going to go with one from last week cos to me, it meant a lot.

I love hammocks. Yeah, I know I am crazy.

For the past 18 or so months, I have had a hammock just lying around ‘cos I haven’t had the space for it. The other day Red offered to help me put it up in  my back garden.

To me, him making it happen (without too many reminders from me), caring enough to go to the hardware store a few times to get it just right, knotting/ unknotting & reknotting the strings to balance it on both ends was just the thing I needed to feel cared for.

I have to admit, I really like Red and am not sure where we are going, partly because I think neither of us knows what either of us wants but I am having so much fun, I don’t care.


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