June 18 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

I have been an aunt to many a niece and nephew- since I was about 10, I think- the joys of a large family!

But the one that really meant a lot to me is the beautiful angel that came along about 4 years ago- her mum is a good friend and Winnie’s sister. That little girl just melted in my heart in ways I couldn’t imagine- she gets prettier and smarter by the day. I adore her. I know she is shy of me everytime I re-introduce myself to her but I cannot wait for her to grow up and be an equal to me- I suspect we will have a lot of fun.

This week, she is going to become an elder sister to a cute little kid (gender unknown as of yet) and I cannot wait to get the news. Best of luck to Winnie’s sister, the bro-in-law, the niece and of course to the whole family (that will only be complete when I am in India next hehe ;))

So effing excited!


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