June 7 Monday: Gratitude

1. Happiness
Whether it is spending time with an old friend, whether it is reconnecting with a lost friend, whether it is sharing lunch with a new friend, whether it is having a laugh with good friends, whether it is a phone call from your family- being able to feel happy is pretty darn good and I love the fact that I can.

2. Romance
I am not the most romantic. I am not the couply sort but I enjoy my type of romance- be it silly giggles in the bed, a shared moment in a nightclub, a long hug to say bye, seeing a movie the other one really likes or whatever little thing that shows one cares. I may not be in a serious relationship and I know we are just having fun but that’s no reason to not care or not have some romance. The little things over the last few weeks have been really nice and brought many a smile to my face.

3. Friends
Connected to just about everything in my life- I love my friends, I am very lucky to have them, I am even luckier to be able to salvage the friendships when they reach a point where it could be a point of no return and I don’t ever want to take them for granted.

Thank you for everything in my life, dear World. It’s been a tough one but a fun & blessed one!


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