June 11 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

You know I spent a lot of time trying to decide what to choose as this week’s moment… and for all that has been happening, I finally decided to choose the first time I ever came in a newspaper.

I have been lucky enough I suppose to have had the coverage I have had over the years and the exposure- I never wanted fame, still don’t but I do like to be recognised for my efforts (let’s be honest… who doesn’t?!)

I was a wee kid when I first came in the papers for my sports achievements. I was so chuffed about it and I felt a sense of pride in me- looking back, I may have behaved with a bit of an ego but hey, such is life- we learn from our mistakes. Either way, to be seen in the papers was pretty darn cool and I quite enjoyed it. Ever since then, I have been in the news in different countries and the excitement has worn out even though at some level, it still does feel good.

Ah well, the vanity in us, eh? 😉


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