June 3 Monday: Gratitude

Couple of hours on the wrong side of midnight but well.. at least I did it before I sleep!

1. Travel
The ability to travel, meet new people, have a laugh, enjoy the little things and just experience a different part of the world is something I have loved this weekend! It was amazing to be away for 3 days, forget my daily life, forget the daily routine and immerse into something different

2. The ability to get along with everyone and anyone
I was out almost every day the past few days, met loads of new people, was introduced to many and randomly spoke to many others… it was brilliant. What I liked was that I could just get along… it was fun

3. My sense of self
I was away for a weekend with Red and his friends, meeting his parents. I k now I was being viewed as Red’s mate or the girl Red is currently flirting with but through it all, I remembered my sense of self, remembered why I am where I am, who I am and ensured (most) people saw me for me. Subtly (I hope) made people understand that I am in this “relationship” cos it suits my purposes and not cos I have no self worth…


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