May 28 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

I have realised recently that when I spend too much time with me, I need my 10 minutes alone at night to just wash the day away in my own head- a weird thing maybe, but hey, it works for me and it grounds me.

Very often, people don’t get it- whether it’s my mother when I am in India and I don’t go to bed the same time as her or whether it’s friends I travel with or whatever- sometimes I read on my iPad, sometimes I read a book, sometimes I play a game.

And I recall the happiness I feel, even if I am in the same room as a person I care a lot for. One such moment is playing Bejeweled on Tigger’s phone- I certainly did get addicted to it but I think the addiction was more my way of trying to understand her penchant of playing it mid conversation with people but more importantly, it was my time for me in a day I had no time alone.

So even though I am a people person and rarely like to be on my own, I love my alone time, my introspection time, my self time and I think the memories of many such moments is to be thanked for the person I am today.

Much love to me.


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