May 23 Thursday: Letter

Dear “baby” bro

We may have had only 6 months of an age difference, but we have decades of maturity differences… but no matter what, I adore you and love you. I was very upset when I got the news of your attack even if I acted nonchalant with my devil-may-care attitude. You infuriate me more than anyone else I know, you drive me nuts but deep down I know we both understand each other and we care for each other. I do hope someday we can be friends the way we used to be but I also suspect we have let the gulf get too wide. You are a fantastic person- exceptionally intelligent, slightly non-directional, very immature, exceptionally unaware of your responsibilities but very capable and I want to see you rise to your potential someday soon. Much love and much power to you- c’mon prove the world wrong, kick those bad habits and stun us all with your brilliance.

Your “elder” sister


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