May 20 Monday: Gratitude

1. Family
For so many reasons I am glad my family is all healthy. My younger is recovering well and my younger brother is fine after an attack in Delhi. What is my city coming to?! But despite keeping a brave face about how unaffected I am of my little baby brother, I am worried. I care. I hope he will be ok and I hope the knock will push his brains around and get him to get his act together.

2. Money is not the end all and be all
I made a mistake the other day and gave an ex-business partner some money- more than he deserved- I only copped on today. I was angry at myself first. I was angry at giving away money I could ill-afford, I was angry at giving someone money he didn’t deserve, I was angry at the unfairness of it all. Till I realised what goes around comes around- this is just a pay it forward and someday I will get it back multi-fold.

3. Vacations
i NEED a holiday- desperately. I am in the midst of making plans with 3 friends and asked 1 other but no one can go with me. I am absolutely bummed but am sure the universe has something in store for me- I am going to Cuba, I just know it. It is going to be brilliant, I know that too. I cannot wait, I even know that. I just hope I get it soon as I am a little impatient. I know a vacation is coming my way soon- very very very soon infact.

After all, it IS my time NOW and I am ready for it NOW!

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