May 14 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

The moment I first realised I was in love- goes back to when I was a teenager. I remember being with FL and having a great time- we had bumped into each other in a night club and it was when he told me he was moving to a different city… it was one of those rare moments when both our families were in the same place and we had to act as just friends 😉

When I learnt I was gonna have a very short time with the guy I had known since I was a kid, with the guy I had gotten to know as more than a boyfriend, I knew I felt something I had never felt before- it was not a case of feeling abandoned, of feeling I was losing anything, or any such but a feeling of serene calm knowing that together, we could face it- together, we were going to be a unit and together, we would enjoy life and face this obstacle.

FL, you know this- at least every July if not on any other day- I miss you. Thank you so much for leaving me with such beautiful memories.


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