‘cos we are different

I love the fact that Red and I have such an unusual friendship- last night at 330 am, we decided to go for a walk up to Bray just to overlook Dublin and its lights. It was absolutely freezing and I was rotten cold but it was so good to just spend some time with him, have the banter, share a few laughs and talk about all the things that are happening in our lives!

And then, us being us, of course we kept talking and so ended up at his and went to bed early morning, only to wake up to go see a friend of ours do this thing called “autotest”- the test word threw me off and I had no clue why we were going to cheer a mate getting a license but went along and realised it was kinda track racing and it was great craic altogether- we saw 3 of the 12 rounds and I had had my fill- it was something different for a saturday afternoon and I am glad I went along!

Between pigs, the random banter, the unusual activities we get up to and the laughs we share, I am so glad we don’t follow the traditional route and are having an absolute blast!


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