Apr 30 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

This is one of my favourite moments in my romantic life and I see it as a theme:

When I was away with Red and a bunch of his mates a few weeks ago, I went to bed after him. I got into bed and the moment I got in, he turned towards me and pulled me in real close into one of the tightest hugs ever. THAT feeling of absolute, pure hugging made me really happy. (We know I am a hugger).

However, it reminded me of some of the more important moments of my romantic life:
FL asked me to go steady with him when he was hugging me tight
SL always used to hug me tight when he was telling me something that would invoke an extreme reaction- either good or bad
TL got the affirmative response to his constant question (will you marry me one) when he came into bed and hugged me tight and asked me then

So basically, a hug can make me irrational BUT I still love it 🙂

hugging is a good  medicine


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