Apr 23 Tuesday: A brilliant moment

I have to, have to, have to go back to one of my most amazing moments:

As a kid, I was hugely into sports- not that I was great at it but it made me happy and it made me get out and meet people (I was VERY shy!). I was always an odd ball- the one with the intelligence but not the marks, the one with the skill but not the friends, the one everyone wanted as a friend but the one no one wanted to be a friend to etc etc etc.

I will never forget the moment I won my first gold medal- with a battered toe and a black eye in tow, it was just absolutely fabulous to finally get the recognition. In my own eyes, it was all I cared for.

I can’t remember who said what, who congratulated me or anything but I remember the feeling of absolute pleasure on having achieved something I really wanted to. Maybe that’s where I began to get my determination.

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