Spring in the step

It’s the simple things in life that make one happy.

Today, I got sunburnt- normally not something to be happy about but it’s great to have the sun on my face for so long, the long drive in my car, despite the weather…

Today, I also caught up with 2 very good friends- one that I see regularly enough and one that I don’t see too often despite being very fond of her…

Today, I also had a smile on my face due to some random texting with Red…

Today, though I hardly slept, though I am exhausted beyond belief, I am delighted with the reaction a customer had to something we delivered to them…

Today, my energy levels are shot, I am getting ready to go away for a weekend with practically nothing packed, with stress levels being very high and all that, BUT I have a spring in my step ‘cos a lot of small things came together to make it a great day!

Thank you Universe. I truly appreciate all the love you are sending my way.

everything is extraordinary

Life is fabulous right now. I feel absolutely great! I wish to bottle this feeling and smell it every time I feel a little down or share it with anyone who doesn’t have a smile on their face!


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