We want what we cannot get!

The grass is always greener on the other side. Usually because they use a lot of chemicals!

We all want something grander, something bigger, something more ludicrous, something more than our friends, our colleagues, our siblings and forget in the meantime, that life is about us, yes, us. Why do we let the society influence what we want?!

I am not saying I have not fallen for it- I have fallen for it more often than not… I have considered relationships with other people ‘cos others thought it would make sense, I have broken relationships with other people ‘cos I was told they weren’t worthy of me. I have pushed myself further than I needed to only ‘cos I didn’t want my single parenthood to be reason to have not succeeded, I have expected more of myself just to never feel smaller than the other person. All in all, I have often let others define my importance to self.

And the older and wiser I grow (yeah, I went there), the more I see how silly it was, the more secure I become in myself and the more I realise I am who I am. I am lucky to be the person I am. I am happy being the person I am. I am happy being me.

I sincerely wish everyone, yes everyone bar no one, feels this amazing feeling someday- because we are all perfect, just the way we are.

I like who I am becoming


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