A guy “SHOULD”

I cannot believe I have become one of those ladies who actually thought “A guy should…” I mean seriously- WHY?! I have always scoffed at people who expect the other partner to know what to give and what to do without the girl telling him!

I am a little sick and feeling cranky and wanting my mother, so for obvious reasons I would like Red to look after me but he doesn’t know that. He knows I am a little sick but to him, that’s probably reason to stay away. And in his state of shyness (endearing and irritating, all at once!!), he is obviously not likely to reach out. I do know for a fact that if I was with him and then started feeling sick, he would move all he could to mind me.

All my other friends think he SHOULD come over and mind me or at least offer to- a part of me wants him to, yes BUT is it fair to expect that? Especially when I am being the one holding back from sending him a text ‘cos in my head I want him to reach out to me now- ‘cos even though I know he cares for me, I need him to somehow make me believe we both want this! (And maybe that’s why I haven’t told him to look after me!!)

fight for her


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