Our Insecurites Drive Us

This weekend was very interesting from an observational perspective for me… it is amazing how our insecurities drive all of us- I could see them in almost everyone, now I know some of the gang better than the rest and I suppose, because of the amount of time I discussed psychology this weekend, it was playing on my mind so much more.

I could see some of my actions, some of Red’s, some of Tigger’s, some of Ryan’s and some of the other people… and it got me wondering as to how can such intelligent people feel the way we do and act the way we do and what needs to be done to make it all better…
Is it because we don’t trust our instincts as much any more?
Is it because the society is so much more open and we all know what is happening and they are usually non-pretty srtories?
Is it because relationships have become more materialistic and we have grown with that?
Is it because we all believe in keeping up the masks/ appearances a lot more?
Is it because we are concerned about what others think, even if we don’t think so?
Is it because we are scared of taking the leap of faith?

leap of faith is the only transportation

On a different note though, it was a great weekend and despite my dilemma, I am glad I went with it- it was a fun filled weekend with lots of laughs and good memories!


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