Friends are like Shoes

Yup, you read it right and No, I am not drunk or high or any of those adjectives that you may wanna use!

I am basing this on an article I came across in Cosmpolitan in Feb 2011 (over 2 years ago, yeah!!)


The Ballet Pump Friend:
The friend to have to take it easy, not do anything crazy, be sensible with and just drink cups of tea with. The one to be there for you for sympathy.
I don’t think I have one of these- all my mates can play this role usually- depending on what it is I am looking for!

The Brogue Friend:
The one that you instantly click with- easy & trendy. Not a future planner, a great holiday fling & not necessarily always available.
These seem to be ALL my friends- The Shrew & The Beautiful are both very important aspects of my life, inspiring & successful ladies and both have entered my life in the past year! And the bond was almost the first 1 on 1 chat! However, in my case, I am lucky they are there when I need the ballet pump friend too 😉
Score- two in one!

Stiletto Friend:
Best party friend, as the name implies 😉
Again, all my mates can play this role but yeah, there are some who are only good for this, oops- great to party with, but terrible to have a deeper conversation with- someone you enjoy spending time with but not someone you can depend on for a wholesome conversation…

Statement Shoe Friend:
The one you call for a lunch date, to lighten your day and potentially the diva.
I seem to surround myself with these- partly, because for many, I suspect- I am this! I love individuality and I love it when they all show this aspect of theirs. I suppose I dislike it when they are always this ‘cos no one and no one can handle anyone being all about themselves!

To Chuck:
Clogs: well, they are ugly! Rigid, tough & opinionated. Yup, being getting rid of these!
Thigh-high boot: The one who will tramp over you. Had some of those in the past, glad to have moved past!
Shoe- boot: Identity crisis! They are too confused to be able to help in any way. Have some such friends and honestly, I kinda want them around and the shoe-boots have grown on me :/

Basically, shoes are not as versatile as friends, simple as. Now if there was this perfect shoe that could be everything, maybe but then again, that’s like hoping that one person could be everything to you and that’s plain silly. It kinda reminds me of my 7 soulmates theory- I still think we all have 7 soulmates in our lives and they needn’t be romantic. So far, my count is:
– FL- definitely the one who helped me truly understand the meaning of this
– SL- I owe him loads and I think anyone I have been involved with romantically since him, does too!
– Ryan- undoubtedly- goes without saying
– TSG- A part of me is convinced he is one of mine- there is just something there
– Winnie- definitely my soul sister
– The Shrew- and also my soul sister (I know Winnie, tough for you to accept…)
Scary thought knowing that I have only 1 more to find- this is gonna be fun! I wonder who it is and I wonder if I will know instantly!

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