Cuppa tea…

Sometimes, all it takes is a cuppa tea to know all is well!

For the first time, since we decided to stop being business partners earlier this year, Ryan and I caught up- we didn’t really discuss work, we didn’t really discuss anything business, we did discuss the global markets, we did discuss the local economy, we did talk of common friends, I slagged him for some stuff, he slagged me about Red (which I ended up telling him without realising that he didn’t know- darn!!) and basically, we did what mates do- hang out!

i will laugh at uYup, at the end of the day, we both know, if nothing else- we will always have some stuff to slag each other about! Here’s to the new chapter in our friendship- I am very excited and looking forward to it 🙂 Even if the new chapter implies I can’t tell him anything confidential anymore as he can keep nothing from Tigger and well, I don’t like that- I prefer to tell her myself if I want her to know, especially the secrets. Ah well, new chapter!

(This may just be what they call maturity!)


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