Still falling

But this time, it’s a different type of fall.

I feel I am falling- falling into a deep abyss, falling fast and falling somewhere so dark that I can’t even see it and I am falling without there even being a possibility of a safety net and forget the very notion of harnesses.

I don’t know why I feel  this way.I don’t know what to do.
I don’t know how to deal with this sensation.
I don’t know when this started and I certainly have no clue when this will end.
I don’t know who can help me here either but The Shrew & TSG have been pulled in as back-ups, as has Diva.

This kinda reminds me of the conversation I had with Moo a few days ago and I still feel clueless, answerless and none the wiser.

The only consolation is this time I am asking for help- in the past, I tried to fix myself.

dont worry, be happy


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