Falling slowly

4 weeks ago, I moved on from Tolkien, at least that is when I mark it in my head.
3 weeks ago, I got together with a guy I have known for about 3 years, been out with a few times but well, never really gotten to know… from henceworth, I shall call him Red

For the past 3 weeks, we have been having many non-date dates, and I know they make no sense but hey, that’s the way it is in my head and I suspect his. For all the various factors that are involved, I know it’s a risk. The more time I spend with him, the more I like him. And I am scared- scared of getting hurt but this time, willing to fall and take the chance.

I am going to just let go and enjoy this journey!

be wild for a moment

And this is where I normally tend to get messed up and spoil a relationship so I better learn to just maintain my distance and see how it goes…

PS- Today, my wish came true- I felt really lazy, tired and cranky and was pampered by Red!
PPS- From my list– only 2 missing and they are not huge deals, to be honest- so basically, Tolkien may have opened me to the possibility, I feel more comfortable with Red as he checks all the essential ones. (2 men who meet my list in 6 months- way to go, universe!)

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