That’s me all right

strong independent womanI make this mistake ALL THE TIME.

Just like every other woman, I want to be loved, hugged, pampered and looked after but somehow, we can’t strike a balance with our independence- something I just don’t understand! I have always said I want to be a girl in the relationship but somehow every guy is intimidated by me and my professional achievements- FFS peeps, work is work but it is not the thing that defines me a 100%!

One of these days… it shall work itself out, I have faith. In the meantime SOMEBODY PAMPER ME, Please?!



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7 responses to “That’s me all right

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  2. Sam Roth

    i love how no attribution is made to the creator of the comic.

    • Thanks for the link Sam- glad to know who was behind this piece of work- wish I had someone tag the artist in each of the pieces of art I use 🙂

    • Curious Onlooker

      The link doesn’t work for me (shows “Not Found [CFN #0005]”). Could you or someone please just state who is the creator of the comic, and if it is syndicated, what it is called?

      Thank you in advance

      • Hi there, unfortunately on googling, I have been unable to determine any other form of source and can’t access that link anymore either 😦 So sorry I can’t be of help!

  3. This is exactly how most of my girlfriends and me feel. Why men suddenly became intimidated with successful and strong women? Where are the guys who are looking for partnership in relationship but not dominance….

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