Old Truly is Gold

Today, after a very long time, a friend of mine reached out to me… she sent me a text saying “I wanna talk” and I replied (as I was out) “talk talk or just catch up talk?” and she said “talk talk”…

Little did I know what a sense of contentment, a feeling of belonging, an amazement for how my oldest friend is still THE ONLY person I can be absolutely honest to and most of all, selfishly- solidarity would be some of the emotions I would feel during this conversation (which is in no sense complete!).

There are things that have been playing in my mind for a while- maybe since about November- some of the issues I have even mentioned here and some I couldn’t- ‘cos, tonight I realised, I could only talk about them to Moo.

There is NO doubt that sometimes no one and absolutely no one can replace the oldest friends. They are GOLD- and I am exceptionally blessed that I can still turn to mine despite not having lived in the same city for longer than 4 years of our lives!

that one personMoo- you mean the world to me, for so many things- we may argue about mirrors & cricket bats, about living in different countries, about whatever else we want to, but at the end of the day- we are who we are and only we know each other the way we do. I love you, babe.



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3 responses to “Old Truly is Gold

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