A reminder to self.

So today, after ages, I spent hours with Ryan. And it reminded me of a couple of things:
– A statement I made a few weeks ago after a night out with Ryan & Tigger: “It reminded me why the two of them were my best friends yet again. No matter what, they are there and sometimes I need a reminder.” (And yes, I know it is usually with Tigger but then sometimes she is so politically correct, she just needs a good shake-down)
– A statement about my friendship with Ryan: “We became each other around each other- we grew up through our experiences together, we shared some good times, we shared some bad times and we went through some major moments in life, supporting each other- we have a bond few understand and we just know we are gonna be friends, no matter what!”

good friend vs best
– A statement about my relationship with Ryan when I was asked whether we are still friends: “We are like siblings. We spend a lot of time together, we love each other but every so often, we need to ignore each other. He is my brother and there’s not much else to it!”

good friends = starsRyan, thanks for being you. And thanks for being the best friend I need and understanding me even when I don’t understand me. You are my rock!


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