An agnostic follows lent

Am I being very hypocritical by using Lent to my advantage?! I am not going to be strict and follow everything but I will use it as an excuse to do the following:

– Lower my alcohol consumption- I am only allowed to drink 2 days a week and they have to be non consecutive. (And this doesn’t mean drinking a lot either!) I am allowed to change rules if I am traveling for fun though, till I don’t ever consume more than 3-4 drinks in one evening.

– Lower my sugar- I am only allowed 2 dark chocolate pieces a day. Once a week, I am allowed cakes. Once again, the caveat being the fantastic time of the month when I crave LOADS of chocolate.

– Lower my bread- I am not allowed ANY white bread at all. Maybe once a fortnight if I am really craving it. This also goes for white pasta and white rice.

– No fizzy drinks.

– At least 2 litres of water a day- no excuses entertained.

– No non-fresh juices, no non-fresh smoothies, no fizzy drinks other than as mixers (if at all).

– Potentially the toughest, only 1 sparkling wine every fortnight.

I am totally using this as an excuse to detox but I am not Christian and not sure I believe in religion at all. Is this hypocritical of me?! Oops.


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