Rich if you have 5 friends…

If wealth was counted in terms of friends, I am undoubtedly VERY ( and I mean, VERY VERY VERY) lucky. I have obviously chosen well and I have obviously done something right.

However, there seems to be a pattern, it all starts with a few conversations, going towards constant texting/ mails/ calls etc and lots of hanging out to not talking that often. We both know that we are both there for each other, we both will turn to each other for the major occasions/ in times of trouble and we both we will be there when it comes crashing down… but I kinda miss having that someone constantly around.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love making new friends and meeting new people and loving all the older ones surrounding me too- but there is something about that bestfriend, who just knows it all. Again, I have that, even if it is over the distance… but yeah, maybe, this is why people find that someone special?! (Am I growing up thinking this way???)

I dunno… is it a pattern special to me or is it a natural phenomena? As I said, I am exceptionally lucky- I can count at least 12 people in 5 different countries- I even learnt last year that friends I hadn’t expected such amazing support from were there for me too…

And if it is NOT natural, then how does one change it?! What’s the secret sauce? And why have I not copped on?

the right people


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