Dream Teams…

For those of you who plan to see ‘Inkaar’- spoiler alert! I may have given away a lot in my post!!!

So today I saw a Bollywood film that touches on a very serious topic- sexual harassment in the work place. I am delighted to see such films coming out in the cinema- at first I thought it was gonna be like Disclosure but no, it went a step further and in pure Bollywood fashion, added in the love twist.

What I liked about it was the play of Alpha parties. What I also liked was the build-up of a dream team (a pure high performance team!) and then their crash. And how the crash affects around. I personally have been a part of it myself. And it IS not fun.

However, there were a few points that got me thinking:

– Are women forced to become Alphas?
– Do we behave in a manner that we perceive is correct rather than portray who we are?
– Why do we feel the need to prove ourselves before we get the guy we want/ the job we want etc? And of course, everyone needs to prove themselves to some extent but why do some of us go way beyond and in the process, get lost (from the original and usually, true path)?

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt in life is that to beat a man in the office, be a lady- they know how to deal with men, they know how to deal with women trying to be men but few know how to deal with ladies (‘cos very few of us know how to be that in an office environment!!!!).

i am enough


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