Shiny, Soft hair!

Yeah baby, tonight I go to bed with nice, soft, shiny hair! So why the difference?!
‘Cos I used a hair mask- a home made DIY one and it is fabulous.

For shiny hair, apparently, this is what one needs:
– Honey
– Apple cider vinegar
– Almond Oil

For de-frizzing:
– Banana
– Egg
– Beer
– Honey

So I made my own concoction of:
– Beer (flat)
– Banana (ripe)
– Egg
– Apple cider vinegar
– Olive oil
– HoneyRubbed it on for about 15 mins while in bath and washed in out- looks amazingly shiny and feels awesomely soft!

Few things to remember though:
– Do NOT use too often- ultimately hair gets used to this and it doesn’t impact as well
– Hair does retain a slight smell despite shampooing so use product or whatever if needs be
– If egg is not washed off properly and a dryer is used, you may cook the egg
– Ensure you wash everything out properly- nothing worse than raw egg or raw banana in hair!!

Go on, pamper yourself- cheap, cheerful and absolutely fantastic!


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