And then, it all crashed down. Again.

Seriously, I sometimes wonder why I put myself out there and then I realised, if I don’t, it’s a constant crash. Sometimes I just have no clue what is going on around me and I go insane with the bloody analysis and conversation I have with myself in my own head.


And the fact that the men situation is a bit rockier than ever, ‘cos as I said, I like Tolkien a lot and he has given me hope but it’s also scaring me (a good thing India is a week away and I have dates set up with both ChiseledCheeks and Salfa) and a bit of space will hopefully sort both the heads out.

Either way, thanks Tolkien for letting me know true gentlemen who I can have a blast with and be romantically interested in still exist! Hope you have a good holiday.

Rant over! Night peeps 🙂

unfold your wings


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