Love/ Hate

And no, I am not referring to the TV series!

I have a love/ hate with ‘NT’s- Tolkien is driving me nuts- till Saturday night, it was full on and then, it just went quiet- now, I will be surprised if anything happened in the meantime, but still… it’s weird to go from 100 to 0, like that, with no explanation. So f*cking NT.

Infact very NT!

While talking to a friend, she told me that we always know that this is the one place they don’t meet us halfway- they show us they care and everything else but they forget that NFs need a different form of caring and they are just, well NT! Totes NT. Always NT.

And when I questioned why do I always go for NTs and why do I adore them so- she reminded me they keep us on our toes and I love it. So yeah, feck off Tolkien- I am going on a date with someone else tomorrow- so there. Get your act together or lose out.

On that note, night peeps- a very tired me needs sleep.

PS My father was(is) NT too and today marks 12 years since he left us. Hope you are well dad- I am no longer angry at you but I do miss you.


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  1. ??????

    Think it such as journal as well as a magazine from general interest for those who to look over. Funny, witty, controversial, entertaining, useful, acerbic, thoughtful, serious, curious, unexpected comebacks will be welcome.

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