What a girl wants, what a girl needs…

Came across an article in a men’s magazine recently telling them what a girl wants- the top 10 simple rules.

My take on them:

1. Totally, I want a guy who is into ME- who I am, what I do, what I enjoy (and yes, I will accord the same back ‘cos if I am with you, I am genuinely interested!)

2. Not so sure- I want acknowledgement but not necessarily on the Hallmark occasions- if I say I don’t want anything, I usually mean it- no games!

3. That goes for everyone in your life- thank you’s and sorries rock!

4. Kinda ties in with 1

5. The reason I broke up with TL so yeah, I totally stand by this- potentially one of the most important aspects

6. Be a grown up, even if its in your parent’s basement- especially if the reason is so you can mind them. So not as strict but yes, be an adult

7. Commitment, yes. Marriage- not necessarily.

8. VERY important- I think it is so so so so important to be able to compliment and accept compliments!

9. A 2 way street- but obviously

10. Yup- cos life is special when all those simple things tie in together

Ah well, if such a man exists in my vicinity and is smart enough to keep my brain locked in,  coffee? 😉


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  1. ty sine

    Fantastic info and interestingly written. Keep up the excellent stuff!

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