What’s Your Insecurity?!

We are ALL insecure- about something. Be it in business, in our professional lives, in our careers, in our relationships with our family, in our relationships in love, in our friendships, in our sport or whatever it may be. And yes, I am insecure too- I am insecure in some of my friendships, I am insecure in my ability to do certain things, I am insecure in my future, I am insecure in my relationships with my brothers and bar once, I have always been in secure in a romantic relationship (this confession has been tough but hey, tis true).

I usually don’t inflict my insecurities on anyone else, or so I believe. The other day, I was a victim of a friend’s insecurity and despite recognising it as that immediately, I still got VERY angry, I still was VERY peeved and I was spitting fire at that person for almost 48 hours (fortunately in my head and not in person)!! Now that’s completely stupid and insane, especially since I knew exactly where it was coming from. It got me thinking:

– Do we recognise our own insecurities?
– How do we manage our insecurities?
– Does anyone have any ideas how to get over one’s own and how best to deal with those of their own friends?

We all want to be accepted as we are but who knows the real us when we are always trying to cover up our insecurities?! Everyone knows an aspect of us and that’s it- have we gotten so used to wearing a mask constantly that no one and no one, including ourselves (I fear/ suspect) knows who the TRUE US is?!!
Scary, scary thought, thinks me.

On a fun note though- I totally adore this pic!



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2 responses to “What’s Your Insecurity?!

  1. I think our insecuritites leak out all over the place and onto other people without our being aware,at least, until it inflicts pain discomfort for someone else and we are confronted with our crazy responses and or behaviors.

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