Why I do what I do

Every time I am upset about a friend or family, my friends ask me why I put up with it. I don’t see it as something I put up with, to me, it’s a part of life and sometimes, kicking up a fuss isn’t worth it.

For example, I had a meeting today that I rescheduled as we had some work to be done at home and my housemate couldn’t be around- turns out, she was here while they were doing their work and chose to sleep in instead- seriously, this is usually enough to peeve me off but the more mature me doesn’t see the point in discussing this as what’s happened has happened and I can’t change the fact!

The best thing usually is to let it go and only do things you wanna do ‘cos ultimately, that leads to a happy life 🙂

And so I turn a blind eye, not make a big deal of things because I want those people in my life. There, simplest explanation but oh-so-true.


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