Always feel misunderstood ever? :/

I somehow suspect this feeling of constantly feeling that someone is misunderstanding you is not unique to me. For the past while, I have been feeling that for a few friends of mine- no matter what, I walk away feeling exceptionally small and unloved- knowing full well, that’s not what they mean!

Tonight I decided to take a break from the constant dating, socialising, partying, gigging, etc to clean my room. And weirdly enough, we know how cleaning does help me gather my thoughts and evaluate my life every so often and today was one of those days.

And I got the feeling that at least 4 people in my life are constantly misunderstanding me- each of these relations has seen a strain over the past while. I completely get that I haven’t been the easiest person to be around but I get the feeling that no matter what, both of us (all 4 of them individually) and I are affected- I mean, there are other relationships doing great in my life but these relationships mean too much to me too.


Without my pillars of support, I feel wrecked and tired. I need the energy now, more than ever, the tide is finally turning and I want to be able to take advantage of it and ride the wave, knowing full well that my safety net is secure incase I slip off the trapeze!

On a different note- music of the moment: Jack Bugg, The Villagers, Kodaline and Cfit- go listen and support them- they are all so awesome.

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