At a crossroad…

Sometimes, I wonder when will life trying to be so tough and when it will just mellow out.

I have jumped more hoops this year than not.
I have been hurt by more people I trusted than not.
I have made some big leaps and succeeded but I have also been stabbed in the chest by some others.
I have tried my hands at a few new things.
I have not been on a big holiday.
I have been better to myself- 5 massages in 4 weeks is a pretty awesome way to be.


My life feels kinda hazy- I seem to have lost my trust in humanity, my focus in my dreams, my need to be numero uno in everything. I am drifting. And I am find that tough.

When, oh when, will it all end?!

I know even now, I am at a crossroad, and I am choosing the tougher option- am I really that stupid?! Or am I just a sucker for punishment?!!!!!

And am I a sucker for believing in the amazing moments in the future?!


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