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My blog, in its 2 years on being online, seems to have gathered a pretty good fan following and to some extent, I am overwhelmed- overwhelmed by how much people read into what I say, I mean some posts are biographical, some just thoughts and some completely fictional- but they are all things playing on my mind. I am also overwhelmed by how many people message me telling me what they think about my posts, how I inspire them, how I provide a new perspective etc- all in all, I am surprised by how just openly writing randomly, with no real purpose, I have managed to impact the lives of others- mostly people I have never met and honestly, am unlikely to, in real life.

So thank you David for the nomination today- I truly appreciate it- it is very thoughtful but coming so soon on the back of the “One Lovely Blog” award, I would find it tough to identify new blogs that match this intensity.

However, to all of you fabulous readers, posters, commentors, friends- go on and imagine, imagine the future, imagine the life you want and lead it- ‘cos it will make you happy and it will be worth it!


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