This has been a couples week for me- I have hung out with a lot more couples this week than I normally would and so, it obviously got me thinking about love. And then I saw this rom-comm ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’- which showed the first night Hannah & Jacob shared as my favourite time spent with a partner- talking, chatting, hanging out and most of all, laughing. And to me, that’s what a relationship is about at it’s core- THAT connection.

And then, I came across this picture:

I have NO doubt about the fact I am smart so I can only end in two situations- love or marriage and I have avoided the marriage element so far, for obvious reasons. But never has it been put so simply before- I always go for intelligent men- my men have a spine and a brain- pretty much that’s all I ask for, and a smile (a smile that’s mine!- cheesy I know but hey, I am a girl!! I don’t need the flowers & chocolate romance but I need the humour & smiles romance)- and therefore, I have been in love (thrice, to be exact) and always with highly intelligent men. I am also lucky to be currently dating another intelligent man, who makes me laugh even if he does infuriate me with other habits of his!

But then, another friend asked me about soulmates and I still think there is more than one true soulmate for every person- I have found a few of mine- FL, SL, TSG, Ryan, Winnie- 2 of the guys I have dated and other 2 I haven’t and well, 1 is female (and sadly- cos it’s nice to be greedy every so often- I ain’t attracted to women). They are all people with whom I share a bond that’s difficult to truly explain but one that means a lot to me (and I think to them too). In some form or the other, they are all very much a part of my life- now and forever.

So I may not agree with the one person theory, but yes, I do believe love is all about that connection- that wonderful connection that just makes you go “Wow” and you know what, if chemistry is involved, it’s more than platonic love.

On that note, I wish you love while I go hang out with some other best friends of mine!! 🙂


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