The Perfect Country

The other day, Tigger and I were discussing the perfect country! The conversation came up because of my political ambitions, of her political ambitions and of the stupidity we saw around us…

I think people are choosing to get worse (read, stupider) every day- I want to live in a country where religion doesn’t matter, where skin colour ain’t an issue, where people enjoy the sunshine and the rain, where the focus is on love and peace and not so much on corruption, a place where workaholism is the way because people are working towards a vision and not because the society forces them to be, a place where people are driven by their sense of duty willingly, a place where a smile is the way we acknowledge the beauty that is life.

I realised that is a dream- I was out for dinner the other day and a lady had an issue with a previously Catholic only school accepting Islamic girls. She expected the Islamic ladies to adapt but wanted no change or acceptance from the convent- seriously, adaptability and acceptance of difference is what we need to be promoting! If people keep focusing on the differences by religion, caste, colour, creed, race and not by virtue of values, if people are taught to focus on what makes others different and not what makes us the same, if people are taught to judge by a scale that is not value based, how can we really grow?!

Cmon people, grow up- realise, we need to start embracing change and accepting differences because every day, the world is changing!


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  1. BFQ

    Hi there, I discovered your blog while searching for something completely different but like what you have here- thanks for sharing!

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