Full Moon Karma!

For lack of anything else to blame it on, I am using the full moon as an excuse… but it’s weird, I consider 2 people to have “corrupted” or “abused” me in my life and both of them have shown up on my facebook in photographs today. One of them just set me back so badly that I was shocked and amazed at my reaction- I imagined a colleague of mine was him and almost lashed at him. Fortunately, being senior, I have the power to walk out of the office and so pack my bags, get home and sleep is what I did- phew, good call.

Weird though- both the idiots would surface. I have no interest in either interacting with them or seeing them ever again, I haven’t thought of them in ages and yet they are both in my peripheral thinking today- clear my thoughts, clear, clear, clear, please.

And on that note, I am changing the topic- I wanna go here: Ballysaggartmore Towers Now to find someone who wants to come along.


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