Ego Kills It

But what is IT?

It is anything in life that we care about- a friendship, a relationship, love, work, companies, success, potential etc.

Now why is it that I make such a statement when it is not the confident people who get recognised but the egoistical ones?! It is about the confident people are just happy to buckle down, get things done and not worry about being in the public eye, the ego needs that public validation. Not saying egos don’t get things done- the public isn’t completely stupid to just fall for what the world says and what they read in papers but results are needed too.

Anyhow, I am thinking ego today, in terms of friendships.

I suppose it is because the other day someone mentioned to me that I should call a friend of mine that I haven’t spoken to in a while. And surprisingly, my ego kicked in- I felt like turning around and saying “well, she can pick up the phone and call me too” and the sad thing is I still feel like that, despite knowing it’s wrong.

I have my reasons for not calling, I know they may not be the most rational but sometimes, one’s mind is not rested enough to take on the task of calling anyone- I have actually been in hibernation with most people in my life for the last while- I am trying to make a very big decision, a decision that will affect me in many ways. The only thing that is allowing me to actually realise it’s ok to ignore them, ‘cos true friends stay there, no matter what.

Ultimately, friendships have NO egos. And my friends know that- so here’s to picking up the phone and talking to them soon.

— Update: 5 mins later—

Just got this in an email- SO SO SO SO so true!


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