Want! Wish!! Will Get!!!

I have always heard that if you want something, you have to wish with all your might and you will get it. So if I wish hard enough, with a true heart and genuine feelings of want, I am likely to get all of these ‘cos I want!!!

On a more materialistic note though, I want:

– A house with a beautiful water body with a hanging swing/ hammock on it to sit, enjoy a bit pf peace or to feed my workaholic tendencies!

– A massive house with the possibility of lots of green all around and optimal use of the roof too…

– A gorgeous infinity pool in surroundings that make me realise how blessed I am everyday, allow me to reflect on the journey I am on and provide me with the comforts I desire

-A pool in my office like this one so when I am away from home, I still have my reminders closeby

– And romance shown in the form of pure and utter cheese that makes me cringe outwardly but smile inwardly-And a life of YES, WHY NOT and pure achieving…

PS I don’t even have such love for water or swimming yet this post implies I have some sort of a deep connection with pools and my wishes!


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