Falling in love, a la Joy!

This article re behaving as if you are in love is an interesting read and got me thinking about my own self… I realised maybe this is why I believe in the idea of eloping- if we have made the decision, made the commitment, then it is a lot easier to just focus on making it work. Passion is important but dedication is what really makes it last.

Funny that some of these things also came up in conversation with NLP today and I admitted the following to him too:

– I tend to really only get anxious about men I really like
– I am either 0 or 100 about a relationship- I don’t focus on playing the game and I am as intense about it from the start as I will be till the dying day (relationship death, that is)
– If I have made a decision, I will make it work
– I always get more offers when I have someone on the scene
– Love is mental, controlled and mathematical
– Emotion can be broken down into maths eventually
– It is hugely a matter of right place and right time

Am I a heartless b!tch so?!

I also realised I truly want a relationship where both people are constantly pushing each other. And so now the challenge is to find a guy who is so awesome that we both inspire each other to be constantly better, support one another, push each other positively and who will run away with me in that moment of madness….

No matter how pragmatic an approach I take, I still let my heart rule my head!

Did I just contradict myself?! I think I did… primarily ‘cos I think I might be interested in NLP knowing full well he has no interest in me at all, despite he kinda describes me as his perfect woman (except the fact I am not as tall as his usual type!)

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