It’s in their hug

It is often said that you can tell how a guy feels by the way they kiss you. I am not completely convinced on that one but I have always had my variation of using it for friendships and instead of kissing, it’s in their hug!

Actions have always spoken louder than words- and the other day, I realised once again, how lucky I am to have the friends I have.

I caught up with Ryan after 5 weeks and the moment we met, we hugged and it was fantastic- after ages, it seemed honest and natural. I felt so good.
And then I caught up with Chammiya due to a confusion and misunderstanding and when we left, it was all love.
Finally, I had my uncle here for a few days and though I have never spent 72 hours, just us, ever before- it was awesome and our hug at the end of the trip was a testament to that.

All in all, it’s in their hug!



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2 responses to “It’s in their hug

  1. i used to always feel y i feel so different when i hug some people… u explained it…

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