Focus on the positive!

I suppose the last while I have been very busy, very busy focusing on what lies ahead of me- the next few define the plan in terms of my life, my mother’s life, my companies and where they are going…

The one trick that has always propelled me and I used to originally share it on my blog is the process of taking a moment to think of the positive, focus on what’s going right, celebrate the little wins and take a moment to let it all sink in- reading this article on the impact Stanford experiment has and reversing it can have is so powerful- ‘cos it provides the data and the figures behind a habit I knew was doing some good.

Not saying I could or would have been a criminal but you know, I could have gone down a negative spiral, at one stage, I almost did and I could have really wasted a lot of time and I could have done a lot of damage, but in the end, I have come out stronger, still positive, still with tonnes of options and still achieving- everyday. I am glad I focus on the positives. I urge you to do the same.



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