Daddy’s Girl

Sunday is Father’s Day- the 4th largest card selling holiday- whoopee and whatever else. Every girl usually dreams of finding a man like her ‘dear daddy’- at one point in my life, I knew I didn’t want that- I loved my father as a kid, yes; I was scared of my father as a kid, yes; my daddy was the strongest, yes but I don’t want a man like my father- I want someone with more integrity, someone who doesn’t hide from responsibility and someone more principled than him- not very tough, really.

So today I have decided to formally give my father the best present he can ever hope for and get from me- my forgiveness. I haven’t decided yet how I will capture this yet or formalise it as an event, a ceremony or anything but somehow I am going to mark the occassion. All ideas welcome.

Dear dad, wherever you are- I forgive you. I forgive you for causing so much pain to those who love(d) you. I forgive you for breaking my mother’s heart. I forgive you for hurting your family. I forgive you for being so spineless, such a coward and such a worthless space. I forgive you for all you have done to hurt me. I wish you luck, happiness and health in your life and really hope our paths never cross again. I loved you once and now I am indifferent. Go in peace. Your biological daughter who truly hopes these qualities of yours are not genetic.

So dad, today I officially declare you are not family since you don’t meet the requirement. All the best, father.



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2 responses to “Daddy’s Girl

  1. Family can be who we chose

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