And then, I hit another obstacle!

So, the last few months, infact, the last year has been rife with obstacles for me- I realised it first in mid May last year and tried to make many changes, unsuccessfully! However, it is the last one that really rankled me, it hit me at a spot where few others have, because it was unfairer than most and it is logically incorrect and that just frustrates me to no end.

My friends have been a HUGE support in all of this (as always) and this pic captures the words they men but somehow, I am finding it hard to have that faith, finding it hard to continue on and finding it hard to believe in life (no, I am not suicidal, don’t you worry- remember, that’s not who I am!)

It hurts even more, because it felt when everything was going my way, things just had to go f*ck up! Whether it was the new business opportunity, the new role I had identified and been headhunted for or Roark- none of these, and for truly, no fault of mine- AAARGH!

People keep telling me to have faith, but it’s easier said than done- I am not one to sit and twiddle my thumbs!

Faith… it comes from within, they say. Here’s hoping I find it soon, ‘cos I am sincerely beginning to give up on way too much!

By the by, came across some beautiful words that made me realise why I have such high expectations of me and why I need to focus on expecting less and less and less from everything and everyone around me (thanks TSG for the words!)


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