Platonic Friendships…

For the longest time of my life, I have had many discussions on this topic and most often, had the differing view. I have had many a male best friend, and still do. I have had many female best friends too, and still do. To me, friendship is not about the gender of the person but more about the connection I feel with them.

I was watching a film ‘Ek Mein Hoon Aur Ek Tu’ today- and I completely recognise the 2 roles- my father tried to bring me up the way Imran Khan’s parents brought him up- to do the correct thing (or well to be seen such), to achieve (materialistically and on paper, rather than in the forms of happiness) and yes, my mother was a part of it too but she allowed me to have the sort of fun that Kareena Kapoor’s parents have- the banter, the freedom to try your own thing etc…

Quintessentially, most kids have that in their families and the parents try to get them to strike a balance or it’s the human need to survive that tries to find a balance themselves, either which way, I have always struggled with that and still do- I mean, there are days like today where I should have gone a few minutes out of my way to do an errand for a friend but I knew, that doing that would just put me off the idea of going back towards the original destination completely that I declined to do that!

One of the main reasons I loved the film was it did not end with the two of them in love and in a relationship, it did show a good friendship. What I didn’t like is it showed one of them was in love with the other and that kinda does work with most people’s thinking that at least one person is almost always in love with the other or wants more- however, there are some, that just never do- Crystal, Spartacus, Calvin are some of the names that spring to mind immediately- I mean, wonderful people as they are, neither of us are in love with the other one!

There was one song that really stood out for me:

I love the words of this song- primarily focusing on the importance of their friendship and how they find it tough to acknowledge life without each other’s presence and how they miss their bond- sometimes, this is the reason why I stand by my friends despite feeling like I have been backstabbed twice in the last 6 months by one of them- but the other factors stand out more and I still, do like him a lot- as a mate, potentially would be careful in some of the other areas going forward.

Ah well, c’est la vie- in most of the cases, I am lucky as can be and if a random night out is a good way to gauge my social circle, then I am flying high as can be! And the rest of the pieces will eventually fall into place- they are beginning to, after all.

PS I definitely believe 2 people can be just friends, no matter what gender- f*ck the world’s conservative notions!

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